Dispatcher Agreement

As a dispatcher you earn money for submitting content to our incident notification platform. The more you post the more you earn. By registering and being assigned to the dispatcher group you agree to the terms and conditions and expectations of this document. This document may be changed at any […]

Henderson County

Radio System Henderson county uses a fully encrypted radio system on the NXDN Digital Protocol, The original fire and ems dispatch channel is still broadcast and can be listened to however any further communications are unavailable Fire Departments Station 9   – City of Hendersonville Station 11 – Fletcher Fire Rescue […]

Buncombe County

Terms MVA : Motor Vehicle Accident ST : Subject Trapped COA : City Of Asheville Radio Syste Emergency service in Buncombe County work off two radio systems “well 3” The COA uses a P25 Phase I Trunking system with no encryption. Buncombe Count Sheriffs Office, EMS, and County Fire Departments […]

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