Two Tone Paging

We have put together a software defined tone decoder with the assistance of the developer of TwoToneDetect. Our system is a complete out of the box personalized alert system you can use in your home or department. Designed to alert Firefighters and EMS personnel or any other person or organization that utilizes two tone or single tone radio paging.

Demo Video


What can it do.

  1.  Decodes virtually unlimited numbers of user-specified two-tone and long-tone pages
  2. Handles “stacked pages”, including trimming stacked tones from audio recording
  3. Upon detecting a valid tone set, records user-specified length of audio and emails it to a specified address as a .mp3 or .amr file attachment
  4. Near real-time playback of recorded audio, providing “pager-like” functionality with scanner and PC or Line Pass Thorough for constant auto with no delay in real time audio
  5. Audio frequency counter to assist in finding tone frequencies with PC sound card
  6. Works in parallel with audio streaming software
  7. Relays to turn on lights, bells, open doors, ect..
  8. Alarm sounds, have each tone set sound its own alarm tone

Out of the Box Alert System – Base price $250

The out of the box alert system is a ready to use device that requires little to no setup. We will program it for you along with included detailed instructions on programming and setting up the system. At this time a audio source must be feed to the device by audio cable with 3.5mm audio jack, The system its self can be logged into remotely by computer or set up with mouse, keyboard and monitor. Audio can be delivered via Bluetooth or audio jack to amplified speaker system. “You must use amplifier” **we are working on a built in amplifier and hope this will be standard in the build soon**

You can may select from 1 to 16 relay outputs, A different alarm for each tone with different activation times and different relay trigger times and all the features listed above

Alternatively we can provided a radio receiver for you for an additional charge.

Software only package – Base price $140

The software version is simply that. We will send you a download of the personalized setup for your needs, Relays and special programming are at a increased cost to go along with the software.

It includes all of the software features listed above.