Welcome to WNC Scanning.



Hello! Today we upgraded one of our antennas. This should allow for a better listening experience on some of our feeds. We also adjusted somewhat around the office. We put…

Our Android APP

We have built an app for the site! It is available on the Google play store and offers some great advantages to mobile viewing of the site. The one thing…

Login issue.

If you signed up for our website and didn’t receive your activation email we have corrected the problem and your account is now activated. We apologize for the delay.

Zello channel

We have put up a zello channel so you can talk in real time as you listen to our feeds Join WNC Scanning Zello

Audio Crash

Around 10:30 the audio server went down for around a hour. We are not sure what the issue was but where able to restore the feeds promptly

Site Update

The site is coming quickly. As it progresses we hope more people will get involved. Some content will transition to paid in the coming week to help assist with expense…